Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Loving lately.

Surprise, surprise.
I'm behind on my blogging. Again.
I promised myself I wouldn't do this and here we are.
It's just that my evenings are so precious and I often find myself at the end of the night, wondering how you all keep up on your posts so regularly?? Bravo to you!

So in an attempt to catch up, we'll call this post "Loving Lately" on all the things that have been keeping me smiling... **************************************************************************************
Two year old birthday party

Birthday 1
Birthday 2
We went with a Curious George theme this year for our little monkey and it turned out great! Our special angels must have been watching over us again this year because we lucked out with pretty amazing weather (one of the few sunny afternoons we've had this June...seriously Seattle?!).
\We were so thrilled to share Charlotte's special day with our amazing family and friends.
These two are quite smitten with each other.

Birthday 3
Birthday 4
Painted tippy toe frolicking
She's obsessed with walking on her tippy toes. And I'm pretty obsessed with those little piggies.
Sunny Walla Walla weekend
Okay, so this one was a while ago...but I'm still loving it.
Father's Day fun
She was so excited to give daddy his present this year.
And to wear her Mariner's hat while doing it.
Fathers day
We spent the afternoon at the zoo at the Zoopalooza concert including child singer sensation Casper Babypants. We're going for the role of "groupie".
And especially....finding out that this little growing one...
Is another sweet pea little GIRL!!!!!
Seeing the little one on the ultrasound screen last week filled my heart with such joy and relief. We opted out of doing any genetic testing this time, so we haven't had any ultrasounds since the very first one, and my heart was just feeling so anxious to see the little squish kicking and squirming around.
 It is an incredibly humbling, amazing and emotional thing to see a little life growing in your belly...and Nick and I both realize what a true blessing it is.
This miracle is never taken for granted and we are so thankful to God that we've once again been entrusted to care for a little one.
We are blessed.

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Lynne said...

Congrats on baby girl #2!!!