Thursday, July 19, 2012


"Summertime is always the best of what might be"
-Charles Bowden

I am knocking on wood as I write this, but I think it is safe to say that our summer has officially arrived in the Northwest.
While the rest of the country was soaking up the sun and documenting their lazy, hot afternoon Seattle we continued to hold out hope for July.
Specifically, the 5th of July as that is typically when our weather finally turns. And so far, July has not disappointed.

  The sunshine makes us happy. That's it. Just happy, happy, happy!
I asked Nick the other night if he thought people who lived in sunshine year round were always this happy or if they got complacent about it. We decided that they most certainly must get complacent about it (partly to make ourselves feel better about climate we life in much of the year) and decided that we wouldn't let one sunny day pass us by.

Taking a que from my friend Erin, I decided to make us a Summer List.

Summer list

Can you tell which of these items require a little help from our friends in high places??

I love looking on our kitchen counter at this list each day.
 It's not a "each item needs to be checked off by a certain day" kind of list like to-do lists can be...but more of a reminder for us. To enjoy the simple summer joys.

We've been enjoying running through the sprinkler...


Planning picnics in the park...

picnic 2

Our favorite place for the summer was determined I think after our first visit to the new Spray Park by our house. Charlotte squeeled with pure glee the entire time we were there!
And there is nothing like seeing your child so truly, truly happy.

Splash 2
Splash 1

Often times in the evenings I'll be in the kitchen and realize it's suddenly quiet, and go out to the living room to find my little book worm curled up with a book reading to herself.


We've been napping...


And playing...


And trying as much as we can to slow time and savor each day.
It seems like overnight my little girl is becoming such a big girl. I love it...I love watching her learn and her independence grow, but I also get a little pang in my heart to realize just how big she is getting.

She wants to help out with EVERYTHING...


And at the moment is quite interested in and entertained by potty training.


Let's hope that enthusiasm continues.

Summer we are so happy you are here. Let's see what else might be, shall we?

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Jamieofalltrades said...

That swim cap is too much! So adorable. But you're missing something from that list...BEACH CLUB! We need to go one day!