Monday, July 30, 2012

Family weekends.

If there is a better way to spend summer weekends than surrounding yourself with family and friends, I'm not sure what it is.

These past couple of weekends have taken us out of the city and into the things that will help us write the pages of our summer book. Nick's entire family gathered in Leavenworth for a weekend of pool time, Western theme, picnics, and even a talent show.
leavenworth 2
leavenworth 1

These two won the talent by a landslide (imagine a dance routine, magic show, recorder performance and juggling!)

And last weekend we hopped in the car for another night away at the island and to celebrate mom's and papa's birthdays.
We spent time in the afternoon at the cutest little U-Pick farm where I'm pretty sure Charlotte ate her weight in blueberries as she helped us fill our carton.
I find myself, after weekends like these, lying in bed on Sunday evening with such a feelings of fullness and thankfulness for the families that we have.

But lately, along with these feelings, there is also the excitment of anticipation.
I realized the other night that we are now in the 3rd trimester!! Say WHAAAAT?! When did that happen?? In three months, give or take, my little family of three will be a family of four.

  And while I could write you a long list of things we need to get done, projects to complete, rooms to change, and money to save for us to get ready for the arrival of this little one...
the truth is, we are ready.

We cannot wait to meet this new little squish and to see how once again, our hearts will be stretched to places we didn't know exist.

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Ailie said...

You look FABULOUS!! Can't wait to meet baby!