Monday, December 3, 2012

Her First Weeks.

3 weeks old.
3 weeks of getting to know her, learning about life with two, figuring out schedules...and 3 weeks of a happiness in my heart like I've never known.
First night home.
This little lady has been the most perfect addition to our family. I look at her sweet face and say a thankful prayer every day that we have been entrusted with her. She is the most mellow, calm and peaceful baby (unless she's hungry!)
first weeks
Still growing into her clothes a bit...
We were so fortunate to have Grammie here with us her first full week at Charlotte a constant playtime companion was exactly what she needed.
Because while my big girl is doing incredibly well with the adjustment considering is just that, an adjustment.
She is no longer the only one vying for our attention and that takes some getting used to. I notice how she is more sensitive than usual, how little things can set her off...and I want to make sure that I am being sensitive and attentive to these feelings she has, while not losing my patience as she puts her runny nose all up in Madeleine's face for the 100th time that day.
It's a learning process for us all.
tg 3
...even for Max the Guardian.
I am enjoying this learning process.
How to be a mama to two. How to help fulfil each of their needs and help them grow. It is more challenging than expected, but I like a challenge.
And perhaps amplified even more by this special time of year, I feel a deep desire to try and make each day meaningful and special.

I am learning and trying and learning some more.
And there are no three people I'd rather be going through this life with than these cuties.
Here's to the first 3 weeks...and the welcoming of December.
Let's go make some memories friends!


The Johnsons said...

Congrats! Such a beautiful family and your newest addition is precious!!

Ian and sarah said...

Hi Courtney,

I saw Diggy, Kim and Jaime a few weeks back and they mentioned you had just welcomed Madeleine to the world. Congratulations! She's adorably sweet. I wish you guys all the best.