Monday, May 13, 2013

5 years.

5 years married.

That's cause for celebration, right?

We thought so.

So a few weeks ago, we packed up the car (NOT a lesson in living with simplicity, FYI) and headed up to Oak Harbor to enjoy the gorgeous early summer weather that we were temporarily blessed with in the Pacific Northwest.

And if we're being honest, to also ditch the kids for a night with the grandparents and have a night away.
(Any lingering hesitation I had at leaving Madeleine for the first time was quickly dismissed in knowing she was in loving hands with Teta...and the mussels and wine at Toby's in Coupeville didn't hurt either.)

It was the perfect weekend. A blend of sunshine, family time, and husband time.

Oh, and champagne. Always champagne.



5 years of memories. And so very many more to come.

I love you all the way my sweets.

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Mehul said...

thanks Courtney, for sharing your cheering moments with us. congrats for the 5 years completed.
Indiana Limestone