Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th of July Tradition.

 Growing up we didn't necessarily have any real 4th of July traditions.
We certainly always did something fun, watched the fireworks, had BBQ's...but it didn't have the same traditions associated with it as a certain most-wonderful-time-of-the-year holiday does.
 And I love tradition.
Family traditions.
I love the sameness. I love the anticipation of knowing something wonderful is going to happen again.
Which is probably one of the reasons why I love what these last 4 years or so have created for us on Samish Island for the 4th.
A new tradition.
I think we'll keep it.
Helping out with Auntie's

We went through a couple hundred thousand Poppers over the weekend.


 Small town parade and my little candy hoarder.
Little Miss Sensitive Ears.


Hanging with the boys.

A little nature discovery walk.

Family picture outtakes. (No I'm not pregnant...I think peplum shirts might be something I need to rethink)
Happy Birthday America.
We sure love celebrating all that you are. 

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