Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Lovin'

I'm going to go ahead and call it...
Seattle, this might just be one of the best summer's you have handed us.
The weather has been so amazing, I've forgotten to look at the forecast to determine the evenings or weekends events because I know it's going to be good, awesome or near perfect.
{pleasepleaseplease don't let this post jinx anything}
What we've been summer lovin' lately:
PEPS potluck gatherings and spray parking afternoons.
 Deep talks with Britten

Skinned knees and story reading.

Backyard brunching.

 umm...when did you turn 6 little lady?!  Those gangly little legs...

...and catching up with this special friend. Our Aunt Kricky who we do a horrible job at keeping in touch with, but pick up right where we left off. Walla Walla love can do that to a friendship.

8 months old: watching this  one thrive like crazy after getting her heart fixed. Sitting, crawling, pulling herself up, eating...It's our own little miracle to witness daily. 

Gaswork Park picnic. Ivar's style.


Family hike. {okay, more like nature walk...but there was some elevation, a river, a look out point...I'm calling it a hike}

Putting babies to sleep all over our house. I never want to forget how tender she is with her dolls and how carefully she puts them each to bed, making sure everything is perfect for them. 

Sister time. Secrets, tickles, giggles...


These things are my most favorite any time of year.

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Kris said...

Love you Corks! Loved seeing you and catching up with you, Nick & the girls. Those girls are so wonderful, they treat me like I'm around all the time (just like I wish I was). My favorite was pulling away and seeing Charlotte blowing kisses to me from her bedroom window. Man she knows how to pull on the heart strings! :)