Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Celebrating 60.

So here's one really lucky thing about my life...
I kinda scored in the mom department.
Big time.
My mama...she is amazing. Like really and truly amazing. She is strong and courageous, generous and fun loving. She is laid back and carefree (especially now that she's retired). She is brave. She is independent. She is life loving. She is sunshine to all who meet her.

I think out of all the extremely incredible people and family I've been blessed with in my life, the one person who has shaped me the most is my mom. We are alike in many ways, but also different in many too. Much of me wishes I could be more like her...

There is rarely a time we go more than a couple of days without talking. I can tell from the way she says "hello" whether it's been a good day or a bad day. And when I've had a particularly bad day I can pretty much hold it together until the second I hear my mom's voice.
Then it's all over.
It's always been like that.
She is my safest safe place.

And so a few weekends ago we all gathered in our favorite place (Samish Island of course!) to celebrate this incredible mama of mine turning 60. Her favorite flower is a sunflower, so that was our theme for the weekend...and it really is perfect because like this flower, my mama is always looking for the light.
I continue to learn so much from her.





Cheers to you mom.
You are so very loved.
Thank you...for all that you are.

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