Saturday, March 1, 2014

Loving lately.

A look back at our month.
Amidst the craziness...there are so, so, so many glorious moments.
I am so grateful for this life.
It's hard.
It's easy.
It's beautiful.
These are my days.
Hearts Day Loving...

Love you Nicholas. All the way. Even if I do look at my phone in bed.
Weekend getaway to our island refuge that is Samish...

Maestro Madeleine

Sleeping in that only seems to happen away from our house.

Fresh orange juice in undies. Naturally.
 Fresh air runs.
Name writing practice.

Field trippin' with my favorite preschoolers...  

Navigating public transportation.

Future Olympians for the rope pull.
They took the Gold in Happy Squeals.

Ummm, mom...think it's time for some new pants.
Holidays and play dates

Rainy day snuggles and activities...

Birthday celebrating...

Carb loading...

 It makes us all happy.
Oozing over our baby Parker...

I mean...

'Feed the bird...tuppence a bag...'
(Courtney, Allie and Jamie I except you to know that reference.)

Cheers friends!

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