Thursday, April 24, 2014

Playing catch up...

Well, as so often it seems to happen...I am once again behind on this little blog of mine.
But this time instead of making excuses or explaining the reasons why, let's just skip all that why don't we?!

Because really the reasons are typically the same: life is busy, finding time to write is hard, I have rarely picked up my 'real' camera the last couple months- instead reaching for my phone to capture our moments.
But I'm giving myself a pass. It's okay. This little space of mine isn't here to make me feel guilty. There will be days with more time to come. Days when the words flow more easily. Days when my pictures won't be fuzzy because I'll take a proper picture.

And now I've gone and made all my excuses like I said I wasn't going to. So there you have it.

This is going to be a big 'ol picture dump from the past pull up a seat, grab a coffee (or an adult beverage). This could take a while.

Springtime teases
We have had some glorious spring days sprinkled (pun intended) throughout the past couple of months. I'm just ready for the sun to take up permanent residence here for a couple of months. Any day now sun.

Big kid stuff
Like science fairs, parent teacher conferences and legs that outgrow pants seemingly is so much fun, and yet my heart aches a little at the sight of her getting so big.

Palm Springs wedding

to celebrate the gorgeous, kind, giving and wonderful Miss Lisa Spry! The sunny destination, weekend with friends was a little piece of heaven!! And add to that the fact that my favorite (now somewhat permanent) Londoner was in the states for it AND I roomed with her AND my favorite San Franciscan was there was definitely a top weekend!
(also...these girls are the only friends I have in London and San Fran, so to say they are favorites based on their city is false. They are favorites in whatever city they are in. They just happen to be really cool and fancy like that.)

Oak Harbor time
Meanwhile back at home, Nick took the girls on a fun weekend up to Whidbey to spend the weekend with Poppie and Teta. While I was missing them all like crazy, I'm quite certain they didn't miss me one bit while they were getting big girl nails done, exploring the beach, reading books and enjoying a fresh crab feed!

Highlight of 2014
I realize we are not yet half way through, but I know this night will remain a highlight of my year (am I right Brookie?!). Meeting these lovely ladies, gabbing, sipping, telling stories, listening...for reals. Like we were real buds. To meet someone whose writing inspires and uplifts and was something else. Who knew SeaTac airport could be so much fun?!

Easter blessings
We celebrated on Samish Island this year...and thankfully that weatherman was wrong. It was a beautiful day filled with family, delicious food, outdoor egg hunts and thankful prayers.
 My Nanny's old Easter birdie dish that always had mini malt balls in it. The tradition lives on.

We are really good house guests.  
Not so sure...

Let me at those eggs!

Literally. There was a morning sunrise service next door to Auntie and Peter's house. This was our view. So thankful for this day. So thankful for His sacrifice.

Simple joys.
These girls of mine. The simple joy of being together. They make my world make sense. 


Thanks for sitting with me. Go get that second cup of coffee. You deserve it.

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