Sunday, May 11, 2014


Oh wow. Just wow.
New York: you lovely city, you. You electric, alive, energetic, beautiful, massive city. I love you. You are like nothing else.

When I was thirteen years old, my special Auntie took me across the country to experience New York for the first time. I can remember flying in and seeing the city for the first time and literally getting butterflies in my stomach. This is it! This is the big time!
I haven't been back since that time, so experiencing it with Nicholas for our anniversary celebration was incredibly special. And flying in...I still got butterflies.
While every day as a parent provides some new adventure, this trip was an adventure of a different kind. One of exploring and seeing and doing. Experiencing new things and places together, with only a mapped out game plan of things we'd like to see. No set schedules. Just time together with our eyes wide open to absorb it all in.
And tired legs after 3 1/2 days of 21,000-30,000 steps!

Yankee Stadium to watch the Mariner's play (and win!)
Times Square at night
When Nicholas was here for the Super Bowl he and his buds stumbled upon this random little market to escape the insane crowds of Time Square during that time. From inside the market they had the perfect seat to watch it all, while enjoying $2 beers. He wanted to show me this classy little gem of a place that housed NY's cheapest drinks.

Views from the Park.
You know which park I'm talking about...the ultimate Park of all Parks.


Food, food and more food...

The Brooklyn Bridge


The 911 Memorial and Ground Zero
Such a beautiful tribute to those we have lost. #neverforget

Tribute to our anniversary weekend!
Broadway shows
Probably my favorite part of the entire trip! 

 Views from the Top of the Rock 

The High Line trail

Moving our way from West Village, through Greenwich Village to East Village

Seen around town...


Jay Z had it right... truly, you are a concrete jungle where dreams are made of.
We heart you NY.

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MK said...

Ahhh. . . love that city! Can't wait to be there again in a month with a 10 year old to see it again thru his eyes!
Great pictures capturing your special celebratory trip!