Thursday, June 19, 2014


A four year olds birthday celebration.
Not just one celebration...but, quite fittingly, four celebrations. It seems we are passing on my love of stretching out the birthday celebrating as long as possible to our kids...and I love it.
Because birthdays are special. Why limit it to just one day?! We are honoring and celebrating an entire year of growth and change (and if we're being  honest, patting ourselves on the back a little that we made it through age 3).
My Charlotte Gracie girl, you are such a joy. I look back at the pictures of your 3rd birthday and can't believe how much you have grown this past year. You are an actual big kid now. Like this little person who I have in depth conversations with, about anything and everything. You are a learner, a questioner, and a do-it-yourselfer. You are challenging, and stubborn, and you know what you want. You are sweet, and gentle and the best big sister around. Your facial expressions and belly laugh make my world go round.
You have my heart, baby girl. Always have, always will.
A Golden Birthday
First up in our line up of celebrations, was your actual birthday on the 4th with just us. Your Golden Birthday. Apparently, as I've learned, not everyone is as into Golden Birthday's as my family is. It's when you turn the age of your birthdate...4 on the 4th. I just learned this year that it was my Nanny's thing...which makes me love it even more.

 Cupcakes for class...and her Anna and Elsa dolls. BIG success!

 Little sister getting a head start on practicing her letters.

Maybe my favorite three pictures from the entire birthday week. Such excitement from one, and such wonder from the other.
Family Party
Seriously girl, you are our good luck charm when it comes to birthday weather. It was another gorgeous weekend and we were able to gather in our backyard with the sun on our shoulders, enjoying the afternoon with so many of your sweet family who love you so much. Such a lucky girl.
 You have yet to meet a rolly polly you weren't completely in love with.



PEPS Celebration
From one party to the next....later in the afternoon we gathered with our PEPS friends at this darling little creative kids Art Studio to celebrate the 4th year. We were happy when you added some orange to your creation because the purple and yellow were getting a little worrisome for us.
Frozen Friends Party
Though we did go back and forth a few times in the months leading up to your birthday as to exactly with the theme would be, it was pretty clear all along where the final decision would land: Frozen theme. At one point I asked you if you were sure because I was about to order invitations and there wouldn't be any turning back at that point. You quickly responded with your classic smirk,  "Don't worry mommy, I won't Let it Go!" And with that, you were cracking yourself, and us, up.
It was such a delight to watch you and your friends enjoying each others company and the afternoon. The crazy thing about kids parties is that you plan for months, prepare for weeks, get ready for hours...and then before you know it, it's over.
But to hear the giggles and see the is SO worth it.

We had a snowflake painting craft (Epson salt and water...dries to look like real crystals!)...
Pin the nose on Olaf...

"Freeze" dance...

Though Charlotte started out in the special Anna cape that her talented Teta made...Mr. Raleigh soon declared his love of it.
Ice Block races...

and other ice block related made up games...

There were presents, and cake, and one happy little birthday girl.


And then we crashed...
Happy birthday, my sweet girl.

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