Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A few of my favorite things {June edition}

Summer is officially underway. Our weather has been in the 80's and it's that time of year where we Seattleites all smile knowingly at each other, nodding and thinking...yep, this is why we live here. It doesn't get any better than summer in the Pacific Northwest.

And you better believe our Bucket List is made.

I was careful this year to add enough things to said Bucket List that were gimmies. Easy things to check off.
Sprinkler runs? Done.
Samish Island 4th of July? Always.
Dinners on the patio? You know it.

I'm trying hard to fight the push and pull that I often feel...especially during times when I am acutely aware these days are what memories are made of.
On one hand I'm all, "Let's do it all! Don't waste one moment of this weather! Let's get to the beach! Who wants to go to the spray park? We need to get that tent ordered for camping! When are we going to fit in that berry picking?!"

And then on the other hand I'm like, "It's summer...let's slow down and not have so many plans. Let's just hang out in the backyard with our Slip 'N Slide. Let's read, and take naps in the sun and BBQ and just take a walk around the block."

And so with our list of ambitious activities combined with lazy rituals...we embrace our summer.
Some days filled. Some days open.

Just the way we like it.

Ballet Watch Week
As much as we have loved ballet this past year, we are taking the summer off and keeping our Saturday mornings open. It was such fun to see how much these little ones had grown in their confidence and independence on the dance floor over the course of the year. Those teachers are seriously amazing! 

This way that she holds her hands behind her back at attention?? It slays me. I don't know where she got it, but it is definitely her go to stance. At ease captain!  
Father's Day celebrating
We spent the day exploring the Museum of Flight and checking out the place where Nick's grandpa's drafting table in the Red Barn was when he worked for Boeing. Such a neat piece of history to share with the girls.
We really are so lucky, the girls and I. So lucky that he is ours and we are his. I think being a parent with someone must be the wildest, most incredible ride of our lives...and watching him be a daddy makes me fall in love with him all over again. Every day {even on the hard ones.}
Love you Nicholas!

The many faces of Miss Charlotte Grace...

Family Hike(a check for the Bucket List thankyouverymuch!) 
We went on the greatest little hike just over in Kirkland from the recommendation of one of our PEPS buddies...a wonderful afternoon to explore the outdoors, short enough hike that Charlotte could walk it all by herself, but long enough to feel like we accomplished a little something. And, we got to see King County's biggest tree, Sylvia. BONUS!
Waterfront picnic afterwards...

Summer Solstice with our life partners
We happy danced, and BBQ'd, and thanked the sun gods for the perfect official kick start to summer! 

First haircut
Yep, at age four. Unless you count bang trims when she used to have bangs, this as the first cut. Apparently we have a hard time letting go of our long hair in this family.
I promise, she really was happy about it...aside from the looks of this picture.

See, told ya.
Afternoons at our park
That's what C calls the Maple Leaf park. "Our Park"....and I like it. It is our park, in this sweet little community that I love.
And remember that hand behind the back pose from earlier?
Someone's been watching... 
Jumping monkey
She thinks she's pretty hot stuff climbing up on sister's bed all by herself.
I agree. 

We still put babies and bears to sleep around here like it's our job. I'm so glad I have pictures of this time because it will forever mark this stage in their lives for me.
The little mamas.

One reason I'm loving this neighborhood of ours so much lately? Discovering new friends who live within walking distance! And who partake in living room dance parties to early 90's boy band music! Or who host lovely happy hour gatherings after you get locked out of your house and your husband is out of town...
These people speak my language.

 Looking forward to many more summer shenanigans.

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The Moore Family said...

Um I love you. I loved talking to you today and love your beautiful photos of your beautiful family. But Dang watch out for little Miss C with those hot little legs and rocking those heals in her undies. :) Adorable.