Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2014 Camping Adventure.

A few weeks back, we had our first camping adventure as a family to Deception Pass State Park.
Clearly, we practice a minimalist philosophy.
oh, wait...
Minimalist or not, we had a fabulous weekend in the great outdoors with Nick's entire (almost entire) family. Having both grown up spending weekends camping, it was important for Nick and I that we started this tradition with our girls.
Truth be told, I'm pretty sure Charlotte was a bigger fan.
She played with her BFF cousin Simeon from sun up until sun down, ate s'mores, swam in the lake, skipped rocks, found hermit crabs in the tidepools, snuggled in tents, and goofed around with Poppie.
Madeleine on the other hand was not real sure about the whole sleeping outside situation...resulting in a total of approximately one hour of sleep for her mama the first night. After multiple moonlit walks around the camp ground, 4 drives up and down the island and a tent zipper that I swear to you was the loudest decibel known to man...we caved and ended up back in Oak Harbor at 4:30 a.m. at Poppie and Teta's house to find some shut eye. Yes, I cheated. But people...1 HOUR of SLEEP. I have never been so happy to have an alarm code work.
The next day was much better (after she recovered from getting smacked in the head by a rock that was attempting to be skipped...), and I think we ended the weekend with a happy camper.
It was such fun to explore a part of Whidbey Island that I hadn't ever really been to and spend time with this big, fun, loud, wonderful family.
It's oh so good to get outdoors. 


Camping...we'll see you again in 2015!

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Brooke said...

I never comment on your blog but please know that I read it religiously. I love all of your beautiful words and pictures. FF. xoxo