Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Patch tradition.

I love a good tradition, and if it happens to be a holiday tradition- chances are, I'm going to love it even more.
We've been coming to this sweet pumpkin patch and farm since the beginning with our PEPS friends. I think maybe one year we strayed and went somewhere else, but this year we were back. This little place has our pumpkin hearts...with their baby goats, and cups full of food to feed the geese and ducks, the mama pig that we have to keep quiet around because I can only imagine the horror that would follow if she got scared and stepped on one of her babies (it's true- they have a sign). The corn maze that is open and not scary in the slightest (anyone else freaked out by corn mazes?!), and of course the pumpkin patch.
The tradition continues.

 I promise were having WAY more fun than you are letting on in these pictures.

And because I love a good before and after...
Flashback to our bitties...
And our biggies...
 I sure love these crazy kids.

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