Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall so far.

Our Seattle Fall has continued much like our Seattle Summer was this year...amazingly. The rain has only just began to reappear and we have continued to soak up as many days outdoors as we can.
It's time for another picture recap roundup, so friends who still read here...sit back and prepare for pictures overload, or feel free to skip ahead. And girls, for someday when you are reading this- a look at our latest days.
Rocking the Pre-K
I agree Charlotte, Pre-K kids have super powers.  It's still hard to believe our big kid is in Pre-K this year. While it is still mostly all the same kids she's been with from the start, it feels like the real deal this year. Curriculum, lockers, milk from cartons at lunch, show and tell "homework", saying good-bye for the day at the classroom door, and most importantly in her eyes...the big kid play ground.

There were a few weeks there where everything felt a bit off however, and as Nick and I would lay at night trying to figure out what the issues seemed to stem from and how we could best help her, he reminded me of an article he read. It was about how kids changing classrooms can be almost as stressful on them as a job change for an adult.

I had never really thought of it that way since she was still with all her buddies she's known for years, but it makes quite a bit of sense. New boundaries, new learning, new rules, new expectations. It's a lot for anyone.

Thankfully, she seems to have found her footing and is thriving and loving school as much as she always has. We love our Fairview!


Sunday Ice Cream Cruise
We'd been meaning to check out the Lake Union Ice Cream cruise all summer and never got around to it, so we decided to take advantage of another Indian Summer afternoon with our PEPS buds. We really do live in such a gorgeous place!

A weekend at the island and some apple picking to boot
We escaped the city for another lovely weekend up at Samish Island. Lucky for us,  Grammie was able to make the trip over too!

The girls love playing with Auntie's old doll crib and blankies, and we all started giggling when we found Madeleine perched inside, pleased as punch with herself. My silly grinny girl!

Samish Island is only about 30 minutes south of Bellingham, so we headed up to the most darling farm, Bellewood Acres. We picked fresh honey crisp apples, shot corn cannons, had lunch and bought the most out of this world peanut butter! AND the biggest treat was the Michelle, Brad and little buddy Camden were able to join us for the weekend. Impromptu gatherings can really be the best!

 About right these days...

Farm to mouth...

 Charlotte was the best shot of all of us!
My girl.

And I love this one so much....terrified, oldest trying to make everyone happy, confused as to what is going on.

Friday's with my little.
We are about a month and a half into this whole Friday's off thing, and let me just! The extra time I get to spend with both girls, the one-on-one time I get with Madeleine, not to mention just getting caught up on little things at home...perhaps I'm just imagining some of it, but I truly believe that we are all benefiting from this change. I know that I feel calmer. Less frazzled. And I hope, I am more patient.
I am loving these days!

Football weekends
We are a football household and have had fun so far cheering on our Cougs and the Seahawks. While we would have liked to see things turn out a bit differently for our Homecoming game, I suppose this is the life we lead as Cougs. We love them so, even when they break our hearts.

What Homecoming game looks like these days...
Looking forward to the rest of this crescendo to the end of the year!

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