Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Round Up.

It's been a good month. The holidays upon us, with the anticipation of the BIG one just around the corner...we've been planning, and cozying, and celebrating. Three of my favorite things, I suppose.

And so, some of our favorites from the month:

These two
It has been so much fun lately being witness to this sisterhood. I can tell the friendship between them is really blossoming and sometimes I will just stand back and quietly watch and listen. They are hilarious, and imaginative, and sweet, and fiery, and all the stuff my dreams are made of. It's an interesting and exciting and heart jerking stage we are entering...the one where my babies aren't babies any longer.

But they sure are awesome!

Big girl ballet
See what I mean?! Seriously, where did this tween come from?!?!

Engagement Celebrations
We celebrated the engagement of Allison and Billy the other night with an official night on the town! Like, brother babysitting, Uber transportation, Captial Hill night out.
It was a fabulous time celebrating the fabulous couple that they are. Truly, these two are such a complimenting match to each other.

Congrats Peanut! Can't wait for the fun year ahead.

Tea Party Afternoons
...with real water and marshmellows. It makes all the difference.


Looking forward to our month ahead!

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