Saturday, February 7, 2015


Soooo....apparently January came and went?
I think this is a blogging neglect record for me. But you know what?

It actually felt kind of good.
Not to feel any pressure and giving myself some space here. To take some time. I've been thinking a lot lately about how I want to continue this space. I've got some goals with it. Not like in the traditional blogger sense where you are trying to increase readership (I'm pretty sure my readers consist of Mom, Auntie, Laura and Brooke) But more so just in personally making this what gives me the most satisfaction. And the posts where I have really sat down and written from that place of acknowledgement, those are the posts I most enjoy. But, admittedly, it is sometimes much easier and time efficient when the words don't flow, to post an onslaught of pictures.

And I've finally decided that's okay.

I sat with the girls yesterday and looked through their photo books I've done for them (behind on those too), but they loved them. They are short on words and heavy on pictures and the girls adore looking back at their younger selves. I can remember doing the same thing as a child. I would sit for hours looking through our albums. I still can. I love the physical act of holding a picture. A memory. I've never been the most technologically saavy person, and while I'd like to improve upon that...I will never feel satisfaction with pictures just on a computer. And so I reminded myself that really, this space is for us, for them. There is no need for pressure. But also, I want to use it to record my thoughts and feelings and a place to hold that physical memory of what life was like. I like to think that someday they'll read these words and feel a piece of me with them.

So, yeah. I have goals. I'm finally going to get this ol' blog of mine printed this year. 2015 is the year baby. Hell bent on documentation, and in turn doing something with that documentation. I am hoping to find and make the time to write more here. To not hold back.

But during those times when the onslaught of pictures and lack of words occur?

I've finally decided that's okay too.

Here's to 2015. It's off to lovely start.
(minus that whole not winning the Super Bowl thing.)

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