Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas 2014.

It's January 8th and Christmas decorations have now long since been put away. A new year and a fresh start. Our first week back to work. Back to routine. 

I'm not going to lie...I don't hate it. I love a good clean slate. It feels kind of good to put the holidays behind us and look forward to the year ahead.

But as I sit down tonight and finally sort through the pictures from our six Christmas', I am taken back to just weeks ago when we Christmased our hearts out. I am filled with such happiness and thankfulness for the celebrations we had. Because we have so many gatherings, it can often feel a bit like a marathon...truly a week+ long celebration.

But it is so worth it. Always. The effort. The late nights. The schlepping of things. The travel. I love it all. Because it means that we are surrounded by those most special of special people. And the traditions that we are creating, and the traditions that we continue...they mean everything to me.

Merry Merry!
(onslaught of pictures to if you weren't expecting this)
Round One
Weekend before Christmas
Teta and Poppie's
8 kids, more adults than I can count
Delicious Food
The Family Stone
Tinkerbell Magic
Twas the Night Before Christmas reading
I love my family.

 Seriously, how cute is my niece?! I could eat her.

Round Two
Christmas Eve Eve
Grammie and Bill
Uncle Z
Café Piccolo
Croup diagnosis and steroid treatment
The arrival of presents
Forgetting all about the croup.
I love my family.

Round Three
Christmas Eve.
My favorite.
Cookie baking.
A nap.
Santa excitement.
Church. Music. Tears. Gratitude. A baby.
Cocktails and yummy food at Allie and Billy's
Sugar/Cookies for Santa.
Reindeer runway.
Moscow Mule cocktail treats.
Awareness of how much I was loving this night, and feeling so thankful to be the mama to these girls.
I love my family.  

A daddy and his girls. Nothing better.

Round Four
Christmas morning.
Patient Charlotte waiting for Madeleine to wake up.
Baked French toast.
Too much fun to take many pictures (you're welcome)
PJ's all day
Homemade pasta
Uncle Z
Boeuf bourguignon.
I love my family.
I don't love this cold I'm getting.

We'll pretend this process was super easy and totally stress free... 

Round Five
Day after Christmas.
Zoom Care. Walking pneumonia.
Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jackie.
Gap model cousin with the cutest hair poofs I've ever seen.
I love my family.

Round Six
Weekend After Christmas. Grand finale.
Samish Island.
Richter traditions.
Theme: Pile on the Plaid.
Peter's Shop turned Christmas Party Room
I love my family.

Shhhh....don't tell sister I'm giving Samantha a little sip...
Sickies all around. The unfortunate reality.



The cutest. I have to take just one moment to say...of all the things I am thankful for this past year, this brother of mine is right at the top of the list. He has grown into one of my very best friends. The most reliable. The most amazing uncle. And seeing him so happy? Well, I'm all teary just typing this out.

Annual WSU vs. UW rivalry.
Our incredible hosts. With the mostess for sure.

And the cutest for sure. I have the coolest Papa ever. I mean...just look at him?!

Until next year Christmas.
May the love you bring us stay in our hearts all year.

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