Monday, May 25, 2015

Oh! Hello there world.

You still there?

This hiatus has been a long one. I'm finally coming out from under the rock that is called the Seattle real estate market. It's been a doozy.

It's funny because when we started to tell folks months ago that we were starting the searching process for a new home, the overwhelming response was, "Oh, exciting!". But I can assure you, only until very recently have I allowed myself to start to get to the excited stage.

I'm going to be honest- it's been rough. I am not wired correctly for all of this. The emotion, the unknown, the stress. It has been all consuming and I've been a wreck.

After getting outbid time after time, we decided to take another route with our search and our offer was accepted on lovely old Craftsman home in the Ravenna neighborhood. There is a lot to love about this new home, but it is ...let's just say, going to be a project. A very large overhaul. I have faith that is all going to be worth it in the end and is going to be a wonderful home for the girls to grow up in and come home to for years to come, but it's going to take some work to get there.

We accepted an offer on our little house last week and we think/hope we have found the perfect buyers! A couple who is just about to get married, ready to make their own memories in our house. We continue to pray that everything goes smoothly up until that close date!

And then we move into our dear friends' the Lovik's basement apartment for the summer while work is being done on our new home. So while it is hard to essentially feel like we are moving 3 times, it is an enormous blessing that their renters were moving out right about the time we needed to move in. And to be by the lake, with the ability to get outside, have friends (literally) nearby...I think it's going to make the transition a bit easier on the girls. Especially for Madeleine since she'll get to see her BFF so often!

As more and more of these unknowns get resolved and finalized, I feel myself getting more and more excited about decisions on the new home and diving into the remodel world.

This summer is going to be an adventure, and I'm ready for the challenge.

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