Friday, June 26, 2015

Ballet Watch Week.

A few weeks back it was the end of another session of ballet, which concludes with "Watch Week"...the week we parents get to come see how they spend their hour each Saturday, instead of peeking through the veiled curtains.
I love this time. And not just because there is nothing I enjoy more than watching my girls do something they enjoy, but because I just love everything this little studio is about. It's not a fancy performance, there aren't matching outfits or mandatory extra rehearsals. It's just us getting to see them do their thing. They focus on aspects of movement, go through the steps of the Brain Dance, incorporate reading, discuss how their body can do so many cool motions, perform a special piece they've been working on, and make each little girl feel like the special dancer that she is.
I think that's what I love the most...who knows if ballet is something that will stick with Charlotte long term, but each time she walks into that studio and I read all the posters and messages that they are teaching these kiddos: that their body's are capable and amazing just the way they are...I know she is in a good place. I get that she is too young to read them all or grasp the full meaning, but I hope that places like will continue to help mold her and be a model for her in this world where body image and self worth can be so intertwined.
Raising girls is a great privilege, and the most wonderful challenging adventure of my life. I want to them to always know that they are capable. That we are thankful for our healthy bodies that let us run, and jump, and dance.
And that they are perfect, just the way they are.

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