Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Big changes.

 I am finally sitting down to write. Finally feeling somewhat settled. At least for the moment...
It's been a summer of change and as much as my creature of habit self has fought against it at times, I'm learning, or perhaps it's more accurate to say- trying to learn, how to embrace it all.
I write this as we are two weeks into apartment living, and I've gotta say- most everything about it is really great! Really. We are fortunate enough to be renting our close friends' basement apartment which comes with some major bonuses: fairly cool apartment during Seattle's hottest summer ever, impromptu dinner gatherings, slow Saturday mornings of coffee on the deck, across from Greenlake for easy access runs, baby snuggles and playmates as neighbors. Sure, we're a little cramped but we are used to it's working great for us. And I think Max is finally getting used to his new surroundings.
Saying goodbye to our little house was hard...I'm not going to lie. That house had been everything to us. The house we came home to as a married couple, spent our days doing who knows what before we had kids (am I right?! Can anyone tell me what exactly we did with all our time pre kids?!). It's the house we brought a puppy home to. The house we dreamed in. The house where our dreams came true when we welcomed both of our baby girls through its doors. Hard days. Happiest of days. Life. It's all happened for us so far within those walls, and letting that go is like closing a chapter on a certain book of my memories.

But I will say, I think the buildup to leaving was perhaps the hardest. The anticipation. The unknown of saying goodbye.

The goodbye part was of course hard, but with it comes a big wonderful HELLO that we are also dreaming it's all good. We sent the girls to Walla Walla for a week of fun with Grammie, while we packed the old girl up. And after a sweaty day and numerous trips to numerous locations...we were ready. Me and Buggie were the last to leave, and in true Courtney nature I had to leave the place fully cleaned and ready for its next set of memories.
Good bye old friend. Thank you for being so, so good to us.
And as we are speaking of change, let's not forget that a big ol' pre-K graduation that happened...bringing with it a sprinkling of change and a reminder of the big dose that is about to hit us in a months time.

These kiddos. This family. Majority of these kids have been together since they were infants and there is something so incredibly special about that. Every day was easy. Secure. Safe. Nurturing. And I know and I pray and I hope this is what lies ahead on our future path as well with our girl... but this goodbye is perhaps even harder than the house.

Because with the house, those things that made it up- the people, the stuff, the everything- it all comes with me.
This approaching good bye from Fairview is an entirely new path. It's goodbye to the school life we've known and hello to new. It's going to be good, I know it. It's just bittersweet right now. I'm so eternally grateful for the day we made it on the list after much stalking on my part to becoming a part of this community.




As I finish up this post and re-read my previous words, I realize something.
The things that make up ALL parts of our life...the people, the stuff, the ALL comes with us.

In our memories.

I will treasure them always.

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