Sunday, June 28, 2015

The week of Five.

Everyone always says it, but they say it because it's just flat out true...where does the time go? How is it that we have a five year old? Weren't you just doing that hilarious one legged hook crawl thing that had us all in stitches as you were learning to scootch across the floor? Now we are preparing for kindergarten?! Come again?!

But celebrating this big birthday for you sweet girl was such a were SO excited to turn 5. One hand, all fingers. Big stuff.
We celebrated as we always seem to- with multiple gatherings and parties. We really like stretching out the birthday gatherings in this family it seems.

First up, your actual birthday. The morning started with a tower of donuts and ended with Grammie, Kay Kay, salmon (because "salmon and any other kind of fish except spicy fish" is your favorite), ice cream sandwiches, and a test run on your new bike.

For your friend party this year I gave you the choice of having an activity at a location of your choosing and being able to invite all your friends, or to have it at the house and just invite your special girlfriends over. You chose to have it at our house. No wavering. I think a part of you knew it would be special to complete your fifth birthday where we've had all your parties at our little house one more time.
Once again, our good luck charm on weather- it was a most gorgeous day, and thankfully not too hot for the kids since it was all outside.
The theme: Fairies. We even had a real life (wink, wink) fairy come to transform you each into individual fairies and perform some magic! Watching you girls with the wonder and amazement in your eyes, was for me the most magical part of it all.



Her Lily girl.
I just saw a Fairy. Right over there. Check it out!



 Lily, Charlotte, Mary Lou and Siena.

"All you need is faith and trust...and a little pixie dust!"-- Tinkerbell
And lastly, your family party at an afternoon Mariner's baseball game. It seemed a good way to round out all the glitter and sparkles from the day before, and one of the things I love so dearly about you my girl. You are a great many things: dressing up in frills one day, and naming each of the players on your favorite team the next.
You were surrounded by family who love you and support you and celebrate everything that makes you YOU. All while sweating profusely on the hottest day of the year so far in our bleacher seats.

Somebody isn't quite as big a fan of the Moose as you are yet...

I love you so much my big kid. My heart explodes for you.
I am eternally grateful for the day you were born, and I'm so very lucky to be your mama.
Happy birthday my love.

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