Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall.

We've been having a debate here at the house tonight on whether today was actually the last day of summer, or the first day of fall.
I say last day of summer.
Nick says first day of fall.

Whatever it is, it's the start of something new. And when it comes in the form of new seasons...I love a something new.
The shift. A change in traditions and activities. New smells. Different views. An altering in our head from one mindset to the next.
Fall may be my favorite transition of all the seasons. Summer to fall...there is always such a newness that comes with this change.

Perhaps because I've still always considered the new school year a new year for me as well, even though I haven't been in school for 13 years. I mean, I do still use my August to August planner :)

Perhaps it's because now I have an actual kindergarten school calendar guiding our lives.

Perhaps it's the knowledge of the coziness that awaits. Or the way the air feels so fresh and cool on my early morning runs. Perhaps it's all of it combined that conjure up such a fondness for this change.

I'll be honest though, this fall I'm feeling a bit antsy. Ready. Anxious. Ready to nest. Like I image it must feel like if you were pregnant and the nesting instinct kicks in, but you aren't able to act on those needs.

This summer has been a wonderful adventure. The apartment has been great for us, and this compound living with some of our dearest friends has been a huge blessing. But we are ready. Ready to get into our house. Ready to not make remodel decisions. Ready to settle in. Ready to spread out.

It's close. We are close. A start of something new.
End of Summer Favorites
Auntie Allie and Uncle Billy's wedding celebration

Donut, Park and Target dates

Walla Walla Labor Day Weekend tradition

Early Fall Favorites
Soccer Sundays

Cougar Football and Perfect Pullman Weather (yes, it requires capitals. It's a real thing)

Birthday parties



Finally melding into one bedtime

Friday Recess Duty
Welcome Fall.

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