Monday, September 14, 2015

The first weeks.

Well, it's official.
School has officially begun.
We've got a kindergartner people!
And an Ocean Roomer!  

And these uniforms, the socks, the almost-bigger-than-she-is backback!
My mama heart just about burst at this very moment. 

There was so much anticipation leading up to this day. Discussions on what we thought might happen, things they might talk about and do those first days.
Dreams for what new friends she would meet. It really is a milestone...a great new adventure.
 Charlotte, Katie, Mixie and Juniper

Charlotte, Lily and Blake
Having a couple of her best buddies join her on this journey from Fairview to St. Catherine has no doubt helped with this transition. There is just enough familiarity there to help ease any anxieties, on their part and, if we're being honest- on the parent's part as well.

My big kid.
(for the record, I made it out with just a few tears! Yay me!)

And if there was any small question in my mind if she was ready or not, that little voice has been squashed just two weeks in. She is SO ready to learn more! To (pardon the cliché) spread her wings and fly. She is a little sponge and has grown and blossomed already.
And to see the pride on her face when she accomplishes a's something else. It's the look of a love of learning, and I hope and pray that continues to develop in her throughout her life.

It's an adjustment period for all of us.
New routines, new schedules.
LOTS of emails.
Homework assignments.
Folders coming home, folders being sent back (please lord don't let me be the mom that forgets her kids folder the second week!)
Uniform rules (only navy skirts, no khaki...oops!)
Cross Country.
Extended Care.
Volunteer hours.
Trying to remember new names.
These first weeks.
So much learning on all our parts. But we know we've found our place.
The community where we are all going to grow together.

Go get 'em girls.
We'll be cheering you on every step of the way.

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