Wednesday, December 9, 2015

And then life really decided to test us...

I'm somewhat thankful that I was incredibly behind on my blogging when the end of October-early November was happening, because I will be honest with you- it was quite a doozy.
As I sit down tonight to write about it all, I am at- we are at- a much better place. But during it all it was one of the most overwhelming periods of my life.
In a matter of 9 days...
...we returned from Disneyland
...began moving the next morning at 6 a.m. from the apartment to the new house (even though it wasn't completely done)
...had two professional cleaners cancel on us
...found new cleaners who were lovely, but not entirely equipped for a move in clean, so mom and I ended up cleaning while moving all day
...thanked my brother over and over and over for helping us
...thanked Nick's brother Hans over and over for helping us
...thanked my mom over and over and over for helping us
...thanked Rothie for taking the girls for the day
...Nick side swiped a parked car while driving the moving van
...apartment door gets left open, Max escapes and I'm sobbing driving like a mad woman to get back to him
...collapse on the ground when I see that Adelaide and Dave have found Max in the yard
...unpack, unpack, unpack
...try and get rid of all the construction dust
...finally feel like things are somewhat getting in order
...get the call from Dave Monday morning that their law office completely burned in a marina fire. They had lost everything.
So yeah.
The thing I've learned about myself as I grow older is that the unknown is incredibly difficult for me. Sure, I'm down for some impromptu gatherings or adventures...but big picture things, I like to know what lies ahead of me. For better or worse, that is me.
So when the guys' office burned and they lost absolutely everything, it was devastating in so many ways.
What did this mean for them? Could they land on their feet? All this work that was finally paying off for lose it all, where did that leave them?
Where did that leave us?
What was going to happen?
November somewhat became a blur now that I think back on it, but I don't know that I've ever been more proud of Nicholas and the way that he and Dave trudged forward. The worked so hard, took one day at a time and were determined to make it all work.
Today: they are good. We are good.
But, I've gotta say, 2015...whew. You have really tested us and pushed us to our limits.
I feel proud that Nick and I have come out of this stronger and closer, but that's not to say it didn't come with some very trying and stressful times.
As my girl Glennon Melton describes, life is so beautiful and brutal. All at once.
Life is Brutiful.

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Kris said...

Love you Corks! Reading this again about that ridiculously difficult time makes me so proud of you and how you've stayed positive and your wonderfully optimistic self through it all. Love you!!