Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall City Fun

Fall City Farms with my girls on a lovely fall afternoon was just perfection today! We drove the 20+ minutes out to the Farm and enjoyed the pumpkin patch, the hay rides, the apple cider, the mini doughnuts, shopping their small market (can't wait to roast my beets tomorrow night!), and just enjoying the gorgeous weather we've been having lately...such fun!

Don't our coordinating fall colors look fabulous...yeah, we thought so too! :)


The Moore Family said...

Hot babes and pumpkins!!! Does it get better than that! Yes you look adorable all color coordinated!

the Mathews said...

You look so gorgeous!! Good friends, good colors, great pumpkins and sun, what else do you need?? Oh and PS, on the hair color thing, you would look gorgeous in purple, you can do anything!