Monday, January 4, 2010

Whatrya doin' New Years....

New Years Eve!

It's hard for me to say NYE without singing this song. Just love it. This New Years was perfect for lovely in-laws had gotten Nick and I a joint birthday gift of a trip up to Victoria, B.C. for the night at The Empress Hotel and we decided to cash in on their generosity this New Years.

It was cozy, relaxing, calm, and filled with delicious food...JUST what I wanted!

After much convincing, I was able to use my best skills to persuade Nick into partaking in the afternoon High Tea that The Empress is known for. The tea sandies, little dessert morsels, and delicious tea were all divine...and with the weather outside cold and rainy, it just felt right.

Pinkies up!



The Moore Family said...

Courters, could you be any cuter?

Kris said...

Fun! I've always wanted to do the elaborate tea at Empress! Jealy!!