Saturday, July 24, 2010

Best Laid Plans

We had it all planned out.

Tonight we were going to enjoy the sunshine with a picnic. Maybe at Alki beach? Or possibly Leschi? Somewhere with a view.

I had grand visions of putting together a darling array of treats...summer morsels in decorative containers.
But as the day continued on, the day....well, continued on. And those darling treats didn't quite get accomplished.

We decided to still head to Leschi, but just get takeout from California Pizza Kitchen instead.

Our little one had a different idea.

As we waited our food, the whimpers progressed to cries...the cries to wails...the wails to full on screaming. The thought of driving across town for our little picnic suddenly seemed much less appealing.

So instead we went home.

Home to a backyard picnic on Nick's fraternity t-shirt blanket.

Home to a puppy who was so excited to see us back you would have thought we had been gone for 15 years instead of the actual 15 minutes it had been.


And home to the calmness that came over our girl as she lay in the shade.

We ate...

We read...

We rested...

And we enjoyed the sun. And you know what? The view was awesome.


Matt and Teresa said...

So cute. Love you guys! We need to get together soon.

Michelle said...

Sometimes when it doesn't work actually does, quite well :) Looks like a perfect night to me!