Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot Fun in the Summa-time!

Having lived in Seattle for eight years now, I've learned...when the sun comes out, you get out in it and take advantage while it's here! We did some serious sun soaking this past weekend...and were once again reminded of beauty of the northwest and how lucky we are to live here.


(little missy is losing her hair poor thing...much like her mama! Who knew one could shed SO much?!)

And we weren't the only ones with this idea...the Greenlake kiddie pool was overflowing with the sounds of kiddo laughter and splish-splashing fun.

I know this picture isn't photographically "correct"...but there is something about Miss Charlotte in her swimsuit, freckled with the sun and the shade that I just love...

Our view from the Laurelhurst Beach Club (thanks Jamie!). Wow and wow.

Enjoying some cuddle time with Spry before she leaves us for Cali...waaaah!

Keep it comin' sun. Keep it comin'!


The Moore Family said...

Sooo fun! She is so cute Courters!! Sorry about the shedding- on the bright side - you have lots of hair to lose. I lost RIDICULOUS amounts of hair and didn't have much to begin with! But it does grow back and you get to sport a fun little "halo" of regrowth!

Matt and Teresa said...

So fun to see you today!

Lspry said...

WAAH, is right! I'm going to miss you and little Charlotte!