Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's August.

Time flys.
Soon the seasons will start changing and the leaves will start falling. Soon my lazy days of easy mornings with coffee and baby kisses won't be a daily occurance. (well the baby kisses will be, but the lazy days not so much). Soon evening dinners in the backyard won't be as frequent. Soon a schedule will return.

But not quite yet...

We still have days of laziness to indulge in. Lounging days. Lovely days. We still have sun to soak up and naps to take. We still have afternoon walks and morning coo's. And we still have summer food to eat up!

So we will enjoy. We will cherish each and every minute of this...this time where my only thing to do for the day is to be a mama. Where I can eat up the cuteness of those chubby cheeks and her little tootsies all day long. And while I am positive and confident as the changes come, we'll find our way through that transition as well...right now, these days of just being a mama are pretty darn perfect.


Karen said...

It fits!!!! She looks as darling in the t-shirt as you did.
Can't wait to snuggle Charlotte again.

Michelle said...

You look BEA-UTIFUL in that pic! Though not pregnant anymore, you are still very glowy :) I love that Charlotte is in your chubby cheeks t-shirt!!!! So cute!

Erin said...

Couldn't agree more with MG's comment - you look gorgeous! Can't wait to see you this weekend - possibly Fri and Sat?? Fingers crossed Charlotte will be attending the shower as well :)

Nadine Peters said...

Charlotte is beautiful and I'm sending you a very belated congrats. From what Kristi has mentioned, Miss Charlotte is a dream baby.

Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

OH SHE IS DELICIOUS Court! I can't get over how fast little newborns change! You are just a glowing mama!

The Moore Family said...

I am glad you still have some "nothing-but-mama" days left! You are as close to Mary Poppins as they come court, I'm sure the new schedules will work out "practically perfect!" Love you!!!