Monday, August 16, 2010

I saw stars.

Every night this weekend.

And not just a few...thousands. Millions. The milky way even.
And my heart was happy.

There are things I love about the city and things I love about getting out of it, and seeing stars is one of things I love most about leaving. With the amazing weather we were having, it reminded me even more of the hot summer nights I grew up with, and I found myself pointing out these stars to Charlotte. Sharing them with her. Even if she doesn't know yet how gorgeous they are.

Our days, as well as our star filled nights on Orcas Island were filled with exciting firsts for both Charlotte and for us.


A first ferry ride...



(A special shout out to our BOB for being such a fabulous travel companion while we were traveling sans car )


First time experiencing the 3rd Annual Doe Bay Music Fest...


I wasn't sure what to expect from the hippie resort and clothing optional hot-tubs that I had heard of, but it turned out to be this little piece of amazing-ness. Nestled right there in the bay. Like summer camp re-created itself just for this weekend. Families, friends and music lovers alike gathered to listen to the folksy-rock music (is that an official genre of music?)


My little chic-a-dee was quite happy with herself listening to the tunes, kicking her legs in time with the music (okay, so maybe it wasn't really in sync with the music, but it could have been!)

We should have been called "Fancy Hippies" this weekend because our accomodations at the Rosario Resort were incredible! And the view from our deck? Breathtaking. I said a little thank you prayer just about every time I looked outside.




And I say that same little thankful prayer every time I look at this face...


And as the sun went down, we listened to the music and danced and enjoyed this time together.

And we looked at the stars.

And you know what comes after the stars?

Sunrise mornings like this. And you better believe we pointed out this gorgeousness to Charlotte as well. Even if she doesn't realize it quite yet.


Stacie said...

What a fun weekend! I loooove the SJI's!! Charlotte is getting SO big, what a cutie!

Matt and Teresa said...

Gorgeous pictures Court! I love Charlotte in her little bear suit.

Brooke said...

Gorgeous pictures, words, family...little peanut.

Outing myself,


Erin said...

Such a perfect weekend and such beautiful photos. You have such a great eye for gorgeous photography. Your baby is one lucky girl to have such a loving mamma and extended family.

Michelle said...

Pretty!!! We said the same thing on the island this weekend, we saw stars for the first time in AGES! So nice every once and awhile...reminds me of our cute little Walla... Great pics friend!

Lyndsy said...

What a nice little weekend you had :) Charlotte is growing up to be such a gorgeous girl :)

Kris said...

Wow, those are some overwhelmingly cute shots of Baby Char! I love the tongue pic!! Your time at Orcas looks magical!

The Moore Family said...

Oh Courters you are just looking gorgeous as ever and that baby!!!!! Ohh, the tongue pic is to die for!!!

Avery Bleu said...

Looks like fun! Charlotte has the prettiest little face.