Thursday, August 12, 2010



We weren't about to let something like bedrest keep us from celebrating and showering this beautiful mama-to-be, so last Sunday we did it up. Swedish Hospital style. And even though it was originally supposed to be held in our backyard, the ultimate goal was to shower our gal and her babes (yep, she's got two littles cooking in there!)...and we can do that anywhere!


Delane and I had a fabulous time preparing for the day...although I realized later that co-hosting a shower and bringing a 2 month old results in not very many pictures being taken...oops!


We were lucky enough to have the oh-so-delicious key lime pie cupcakes by JOAT at the party. I might have had two.


Coffey wanted to try out this whole wheelchair thing...


Little squish had a great time at the party with the girls and even came away with a few gifts herself (thanks Coff and Kricks!) Lucky girl.

Hang in there Rothie...all this bedrest business will be so worth it once the girls are here! XO


DeLane & Kevin & Parker Lilly said...

YEA!! SO fun planning with you! Love that adorable pic of your squish:)

Kris said...

You and Delane put on a beautiful shower! I just can't wait to see little squishy in her Paris onesie - obsessed! If it were in my size I would have bought myself one too. :)