Monday, November 29, 2010

"Texas Forever!"

...said in my best Tim Riggins Southern accent.

We did this Thanksgiving Texas style.

And it was wonderful. While the Northwest was being hit with Artic Blast 2010, we were enjoying milder temps and afternoon runs in tank tops. We explored my aunt and uncles vast property on what Nick called "grown up toys"... I think he left wishing he lived on a piece of land that had 5 deer blinds in the back yard.

We stuffed ourselves silly with all the delicious food, including two different kinds of stuffing: Texas style and Louisiana style.

We napped...

Caught up and chatted...

And little birdie finally got to meet my grandparents...

It was a week of family time. Some more of that re-charging stuff that is oh-so-good for us.


A time to be so thankful for what we have, but also a time to be thankful for what we had.
It's impossible to spend time with my dad's family and not feel a bit of an emptiness. With all of the happiness, along with that there is the missing.
He should be there with us. Celebrating with us. And it saddens me that he doesn't get to snuggle this sweet face...
Because he would have been such an awesome grandpa.

So we reflect. We reflect on our many blessings and hold on tight to each other because that's what it's about. The togetherness of it all.

Me and C

And for this little one? My thankfulness cup overfloweth.


Erin said...

What a fun Thanksgiving getaway for you guys and so wonderful that your grandparents got to meet their darling great-granddaughter.
PS - I'm ordering my Snoogle today :)

Michelle said...

Well that made me cry just a little bit :) Your dad would have been an amazing grandpa...he's looking down on Miss Charlotte all the time. I love you friend...what a fun week in Texas!

Lspry said... you friend! That Charolette is just SO cute!!!! Her little face is beyond adorable. Can't wait to see you both soon! xoxo

The Moore Family said...

Ohhh, your daddy is the best. Oooh, I only dream of him with that baby girl. I'm sure he knows her though, I'm sure he kissed her like crazy all the way down and shared some of his Christ-like love with her. He was so special.

Lyndsy said...

What a sweet post. I love the picture of Charlotte with her great grandpa. So sweet. Her face is so angelic. Sending lots of love your way. XO