Tuesday, June 7, 2011

525,600 minutes

(Oh come on...you had to have known I would start the post about her year with that title, right? )

525,600 minutes.
How do you measure a year?

It's hard to find the words that accurately depict everything that one year means for us. How much joy we feel, how fast the year has gone, how many amazing things we've watched Miss C accomplish this first year of her life...how very much we love this little girl.

We spent the week leading up to her birthday planning, getting ready, looking through pictures of the year...remembering. I found myself listening to the "Baby Tunes" play list I had made for the birthing room, and welled up with tears numerous times on the way to work. I remember listening to those songs with such anticipation. What would it be like being a parent? What would she be like? Was it going to be hard? Are we ready?

The answer: it's the best thing in the world. She is our special treasure. And yes, there were challenging times over this year, but we were ready. And we did it. A successful first year with one pretty sweet girl to show for it.


Mother Nature decided to celebrate Charlotte's birthday with us as well and showed up for the dance in her finest attire.

First trip to the zoo with Grammie and Aunt Shelly.




And on Sunday for her party? It was a perfect afternoon.

If I closed my eyes and had imagined what I hoped her first birthday party would be, I could have opened them and it was our reality. It was everything I wanted for her.


bday 1

It was a celebration. Surrounded by family and friends, we sat on blankets, chatted, ate, drank and celebrated our girl.




bday 3

bday 4



bday 5


This picture cracks me up...it looks like Gracie girl is just having a convo with the big kids, ha!

As we gathered with everyone, I was once again reminded about how blessed and fortunate we are...to have all these amazing people show up, support and love on our girl is a pretty humbling and incredible feeling.



And let me tell you- yes, she was a fan of the cake.


Timid at first, after she tasted that sugar...she was all over it. Literally.


A tired little tootsie at the end of her day.


Her first year, and all years moving forward...how will they be measured?

In love of course.

Happy birthday my sweet girl. You are loved.


Erin said...

Perfect post for your perfect ONE YEAR OLD girl! I can't believe it's already been a year.
Raleigh and I had a great time celebrating Miss Charlotte - thank you for including us

Marge said...

OMG i dont know how you got her to hold up a one, but its awesome! happy belated bday to the sweet little lady - she is just precious and her party looks like it was a hit! XO

Kris said...

That birthday party looks like it was perfect! I love the circus theme - so creative! And Char's outfit it to die for. Wish I could have been there - can't wait to see you girls next weekend!

Lyndsy said...

happy birthday little char! what a wonderful celebration it looks like you all had! she is so darlign with those big beautiful eyes!

The Moore Family said...

happy birthday sweet little angel. What a mary poppins perfect birthday!!!

Ailie said...

Her outfit is the cutest thing EVER!! Happy (belated) birthday Miss Charlotte!