Monday, June 27, 2011

Rock N' Roll.

"There will come a day when my body can no longer do this.
Today is not that day."

This quote from the shirt of a fellow runner was our adopted motto for Saturday's half-marathon run.

Was it easy? Not at all.

Did it hurt at times? Most definitely.

But am I glad we did it? Absolutely.


When the seven of us girlfriends decided to sign up for this last summer, I wasn't fully convinced I would follow through with it. It sounded like a great goal, but if it didn't work

There were certainly times during the training process that I thought I would just stop this nonsense, especially given the oh-so-lovely spring we'd been having (running in the rain isn't so much fun).

But I am so happy that I stuck it out. Accomplishing this goal with these ladies was a very incredible feeling. To know that our bodies could be pushed and would allow us run 13.1 miles, to know that we are healthy enough to make the decision to do a run like makes me very thankful.

And to see my little squish at the finish line was the best reward ever!


We did it gals....yay us!



Erin said...

Congratulations girls! I'm so proud of each of you...such an awesome accomplishment! I was thinking about each of you all morning and wishing I were out there with you.

The Felton Fam said...

Way to go girls! I'm so proud of you and will think of you when I'm doing mine in two weeks!

Lynne said...

Congrats!!! Such an accomplishment. I hope to do it next year.

DeLane, Kevin & Parker Lilly said...

I SO wish I was there too. NEXT YEAR for sure:) Great job friend!

Mike and Kim said...

Couldn't of had a better running partner! xxoo