Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The long weekend.

Thanksgiving break.
While it isn't like the old days from college (or like my mom the teacher) where we get an entire week off, we did have four days.
Four days of food and family.
Our tummies and hearts were full.




We did however throw a flu bug into the mix. It's a good thing Miss Charlotte is loved so much, or her aunties and uncles might have been less willing to hang out with us.

Right about here is where I think she passed it to Auntie Courty...


And here to Uncle Hans...


And not one to leave out the parents, we each had a day of it as well.


Diaper on head=Uncle Paul's latest favorite trick to play with Charlotte.

Thankfully there were lots of hands around to play when I was feeling under the weather. And thankfully we were cozied up at the island with our "Family Divided" to watch the Apple Cup (3/4 Cougs, 1/4 Huskys).


Complete with a betting game-board. Even Charlotte bought in for a few squares.


And with the close of Thanksgiving, we open the door to the most-wonderful-time-of the-year. Oh happy day!! Keeping with tradition, we went back to our favorite little tree farm in Redmond and found our tree. Cute, and little, and darling...we knew it was ours.



I had a little helper this year with the decorating.


Helper may be a loose term here...but having her explore and excite in all things Christmas that I pulled from the boxes made my heart skip a beat.


This is going to be so very much fun!

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Jamieofalltrades said...

Nice beard, Uncle Hans! Hope you won some money in the Apple Cup pool, Char-Char Babe!