Monday, November 21, 2011


The last few weeks/month there has been a lot of this...


And this...


And more of this...


The meltdowns have started.
With a vengeance.
And let me tell you, they can come out of no where. And most often only with us. School tells us she is "the happiest baby they've ever had"and she was great with Grammie.
I tell myself it's because she's most comfortable with us and we are her safety blanket where she can be herself.
But it's tough.
Nick and I plopped onto the couch the other night after Charlotte went to bed and we got the house back in order and agreed together that those infant days were most definitely the easiest of days.

Lack of sleep?
Sure. But some days I feel like I'd take that over the mood swings that are currently occuring in our house.

Who knows what it is...possibly the razor sharp molars that are still trying to poke through. Or maybe just getting back into routine after having us gone for 6 days. A stage perhaps? The terrible two's starting early? Or mostly due to the fact she can't communicate everything she wants quite yet, although she most certainly knows what it is.

Whatever it is, I've decided parenthood is no walk in the park.

But last weekend?

My happy, sweet girl seems to have returned to me. We had a weekend of family time, with no real plans to speak of...and it was wonderful.


We explored...made messes...


weekend 2

and we relaxed...


Oh, and we dressed like twins for church, ha!


And when the meltdowns came, they were short lived.

Challenges are good for us. It helps us appreciate even more those days that are easy and everything just flows. I'll take those challenging days because it means I am her mama. And she is my world. Even when she's a monster.

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The Moore Family said...

Ha! I think God sends them to us perfect and sleepy so that by the time they have their rotten moments / weeks/months we have already fallen so in love with them that we tolerate the rougher times! You might see why i hung my head a little low when you were talking about that mom that was yelling at her kiddos when we were in roche. :) Parenting is not for sissy's!