Friday, November 4, 2011

The first of the Big Three.

Halloween. The official start of the season of holidays.
I recently read in a post from a favorite blogger that "the last months of the year are the grand finale" and I couldn't agree more.
Each month brings a new holiday, a new reason to celebrate and more traditions to craft and create for our family...culminating with the mother of all holidays, Christmas.

This month was the first...Halloween, and we partied it up.



Our little Strawberry got quite good use out of her costume this year as she was in it three days straight over the holiday weekend.


Engaging in a little ghosty craft at our PEPS party.


We got to welcome the newest member of our friend family, Miss Taylor Rose, with a Spooktacular themed "Sprinkle" (Sprinkle instead of Shower for a second that not the cutest?)



And even hit up a few houses for some Trick or Treating this year with our little friends...


As expected, Charlotte knew exactly how to grab for the candy. IMG_1394

The holidays are officially upon us, and I am officially stoked.


Lauren said...

Get outta here! Your lil strawberry is too freaking cute! Loved this post AND this time of year. :)

Lyndsy said...

What cute kiddos! Love the costumes!