Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am a believer.
I've always been a believer.
One of those who believed in Santa way past the time when most kids had figured out it was really just mom and dad.

I distinctly remember a time in the 3rd grade when my best friend insisted that she knew it was her parents because she had found the packaging to the Barbie doll house that Santa brought her in, of all places, her basement.
I of course had a logical explanation to that:

well, Santa just didn't have time to set it up, and left everything in the packaging for her parents to help set up (I realized he had a LOT of houses to get to!) Simple as that.
I eventually did grow up, and through reading a very special book...accepted the fact that Santa had many helpers...aka parents.
Knowing that the wonder, the excitement, the awe and the belief are all coming for Charlotte brings me such happiness.

I will do whatever it takes to keep her belief in him alive as long as possible. year we might just take a baby step and work on liking him.



Laura Moore said...

I think Charlotte takes after her daddy on this one!
I can remember taking Hans, Nicholas, and Courtney to see Santa in California. Nicholas refused to sit on his lap!
When I said, "Nicholas, if you don't sit on his lap, he may not bring you any presents."
He retorted, "I don't care!", and the Santa picture from that year has only Hans and Courtney with Santa.

Michelle said...

Hahaha! That is so cute & funny! Not a huge surprise that she wasn't a fan of sitting on Santa's lap :) I totally think crying pictures are funnier than regular ones! Is that mean? Merry Christmas my friend!