Sunday, April 28, 2013

If we could sit down and have a cup of coffee...

We could get all caught up.
You could tell me everything you'd been up, I'd fill you in on the happenings from our household.
We'd sit cozily in our living room, hands cupping tightly to our coffee cups while kiddos played underfoot.
We'd make a second pot because it was just too good to stop.
The coffee and the conversation.

So, come on in. Grab a cup...
Going back a few weeks...we had a fabulous Friends Easter this year! In honor of the special day, God really set the weather on perfect for us to celebrate properly everything that Easter means. It was a joy and hope filled day.


These girls. Sometimes I see them giggling and get glimpses of them as teenagers, telling secrets, planning shenanigans...and it makes me both excited and emotional. This stage of play they are in right now is so very precious. 


Little miss turned 5 months old. She is changing and growing every day. Discovering new things. And being just the cutest little peanut while doing it.

We officially have a roller.

Somebody wanted in on the 5 month photos. She thought the tulip would double nicely as a telephone and had some correspondence to catch up on.
Her independence grows with each day. She is a girl who knows what she wants, and while admittedly we've had some frustrating times this past month...she makes me so incredibly proud to be the mama of this fierce little warrior.

We had our first sleepover with the Elhardt kids and it was a total success! 3 kids in the same room, and once Griffin stopped yelling "strawberry poopy", they slept the whole night through. How is she big enough for a sleepover?!


I think we have a little budding artist on our hands. She LOVES art projects and become absorbed in her own little coloring world.

My heart still does a little flip when I get to say "the girlS". Plural. The bond they have already is something incredible to witness. I'm so happy they will have each other, for always.

This was the last bath in the sink. We've graduated to the bathtub. Still in the little blue bin...but this little water baby can kick water all over like nobody's business.


We just got back from a weekend in Walla Walla and it was aahhhhhhh-mazing. 80 degrees never felt so good. It was all you could do to drag us back inside as the sun came down.


 Grammie and her girls.

We're trying solid foods.
So far we are losing and she's winning. She is NOT a fan. I basically am shoving it in her mouth. Praying that it gets easier and she takes a liking to it soon.

So there's our snipets...
I'm so glad you came over. I love our little chats. Let's do it again soon, shall we?

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MK said...

I LOVE your blog! (And I hope it was okay I was having a glass of wine rather than a cup of coffee. . . ) Your comment about 'sisters' is so true - your mama and I are very lucky that way!
Love you! Auntie