Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Our latest activity.

My sweet big girl.
Saturday mornings now mean ballet mornings.
And I love it.

Before we signed up for the seemingly daunting 17 week semester, I wanted to be sure this was something she was actually going to enjoy and be into. Thankfully her dance studio offers a free class to test it out. And to my wish-I-was-a-dancer-heart....she loved it.
We talked about the class, what things we might expect, and when the day came to test it out I stood behind veiled curtains and fought back the tears.
It sounds ridiculous, but watching her soar and follow and listen and mimic and dance and express...well, it was just almost too much for this mama heart.

I suppose this is how it is as a mother...little by little we let them go and watch them spread their wings. It is what they are supposed to do. What they are made to do.

But for whatever reason each week when I watch her I get a lump in my throat. She is turning into this little lady right before my eyes...a little more confident, a little more independent, a little more her own person. And while at times this is quite challenging, our ballet morning are cherished times right now.
At the end of each class I can see her eyes search the room for me and when we lock together...she runs towards with me with the knowledge that I was there waiting...and she can't wait to share what she learned.

 Dance your heart out baby.

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