Sunday, October 20, 2013

Life lately.

How it is the middle/end of October is beyond me. It seems like I was just getting excited at the first hints of fall, and now here we are smack dab in the middle of it.
We've been enjoying all the beautiful colors that the Northwest offers during this time of year and embracing this season.

A glimpse at our life lately...

Sister, Sister.

Fall Arts and Crafts
Friend dates...for the kids and the adults. 
Pumpkin Patch
We met some of our PEPS friends at the most darling pumpkin patch ever just North of Seattle. The Farm at Swan's Trail was my fall dream come true: apple cider donuts, hay rides, corn dogs, a farm maze, gunny sack slide, corn bin for the kids to play in, farm animals. We will definitely be making this place a tradition! 

Putting babies to sleep.
Always. Every day. Those babies are ALWAYS tired.

Celebrating 11 months.
And not believing that we can possibly be a month away from her 1 year??!?!! My little dovie are such a perfect addition to our family. Your sweet nature and toothie grin bring me such joy.

At home play.
As fun as it is to have activities to go to....sometimes staying home and making messes in your own room is the best activity of all.

The little teacher.
Reading a story to me and Madeleine. I love her love of books.

A little park action.

Feeling very blessed and thankful to be the mama of these two girls.
Life is good.
Happy Fall!


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