Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The change.

With many things in life, I resist change.
I can be a real creature of habit.
I've used the same day planner for about 16 years (yes, I still use a day planner.)
I still sleep with my blankie from birth.
I've never cut my hair shorter than my shoulders.
I've been at my career and the same company for 11 years  (and when my co-worker of 10 years left it took some real adjusting!)

Apparently I like certain things to stay the same. I think I find a certain amount of comfort in that.


But. Not with everything.

Seasons are different. I yearn for the changing of seasons. I crave it.
It's like a fresh start.
New ideas, new activities, new smells. The whole nine yards. I play into and eat up all that there is about an upcoming new season. It's like someone hit the restart button and a whole new world of inspiration awaits. I bit dramatic, I realize...but truly, that's how I feel.

And Fall might very well be my favorite of them all.
Sunny, chilly days...football...back to school...apple picking...pumpkin patches...baking....crafting...boots...leggings...leaves...coziness...my mind is racing with the things I need to add to Fall Bucket List.
I just love this time of year. Each month building on the last towards the big crescendo of the year, Christmas! (But let's not get ahead of ourselves here...)

Point is, the change is here. Fall is upon us, and I'm loving the change.

However, last weekend it was still summer.
Truly our one last weekend of rompers and swimming pools for awhile. We met Nick's parents at their condo in Leavenworth for a fabulous weekend of all things summer, grandparents, and sun soaking adventure.

 Cutest ever scavenger hunt that Teta put together for Charlotte

Electric hair after going down the slides.




I'm so glad were able to go out with such a bang in saying goodbye to our fabulous summer.

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