Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A year.

How it's been a year already is absolutely beyond me.
Birthday's are always cause for such celebration. So much joy. And also, as it seems to be with kids...for much reflection.

Photo courtesy of Erin Rinabarger

A look back at our year with our little dove.
Our strong, brave girl.
Our quiet soul, sweet spirit, content love.

The first year of life is so incredibly special, that with the first birthday it seems a wave of emotions can take over. Such excitement to think back on how much changed in the fast year, and also such longing to hold on to these infant days.

The intimacy of infancy is perhaps one of the greatest treasures I've ever known.
I.love.babies. I love them!! And I especially love this little baby (yes, she's one...but she's still my baby). So as much as I'm looking forward to all the incredible things that are sure to come with this next year, I will hold on a bit longer to these baby days.

We celebrated her first year with family and a heart themed gathering. {Big thanks to Auntie and Peebo for letting us host the party at their house!}
It was a wonderful day filled with lots of pink, lots of sugar, champagne, food, and love.
Lots and lots of love.  
Soooooo big!


With her sweet Auntie and Godmother Becky {I think Madeleine was whispering secrets to her about how excited she it to meet her baby cousin!}
Big sister. You did AWESOME! I really wasn't sure how you'd take it all in, but you were so excited for your little sister and such a big helper. I love you my sweet girl!




She really is quite proud of her "How big is Madeleine?...Sooooo big!"
And we're really quite proud of her.
Little one...you have brought us so much happiness. You have been through so much this first year of your life and I am in awe of you. You are courageous and gentle, and you know what you want.
I love you, I love you, I love you and am forever blessed to be your mama.

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