Monday, December 9, 2013

And the magic begins...

The fa la la la la'ing has started and the Christmas bucket lists created...and we are pretty darn happy about it all.
With Thanksgiving being so late this year, it feels like this month is already flying by. I'm trying to be really conscious this year of filling our time with festive activities and outings, but pairing those up with cozy, relaxed days at home.

Here's to the most wonderful time of the year!
Swanson's Tree Hunting
We decided to take the easy route again this year and head to Swanson's for our Christmas tree instead of cutting it down. The nursery is so festive this time of year, complete with reindeer and a camel!, that we couldn't resist the ease of heading there.
Plus, we planned to go with the Kocher's which makes any adventure better!

Photo bomb by Mr. Reindeer

 These little goofy buddies look angelic...
But these faces are more accurate to their true colors!
Christmas Ships
The weekend after Thanksgiving we were lucky enough to be invited out on the fanciest yaht ever for a dinner cruise around Lake Union following the Seattle Christmas ships. Seriously lucky us. So much fun to be out on the water with all the festive boats, listening to the Dicken's Carolers perform, and enjoying the season. Minus a stressful 45 minutes of two girls melting down together...on a the middle of a lake...the trip was a success. Thankfully we were able to escape to calm the girls down during that time to one of the 4 bedrooms on the boat. I know, right? It was pretty out of this world.

Happy again with Poppie and some candy. Come to think of it, those two kind of go hand in hand.
A virtual visit from Santa.
Thanks to my girl Brookie Brooke, we learned how Santa can visit our house virtually as well! Technology can be so cool! (Kris, aren't you proud of me?!)
Truly though- it was magical to witness the wonder and imagination of our girl when Santa was talking to her. And while I know Christmas isn't only about the whole sure is fun!

Trimming our tree
and enjoying the coziness of our house this time of year.

...and the merry merry continues!

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Kris said...

I am proud of you embracing holiday technology!! :)