Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life lately.

Friends, listen. It's December.
Arguably my most favorite month of the year. Oh how I love this month...

But before I get all holiday-craziness-obsessed-sugarysweet-sentimental-sappy on you, a quick look at our November days.
Because I love November almost nearly as much as I love December.

Disney on Ice.
Her first live performance. She was mesmerized.
And the funniest thing about these Disney princesses?...she's only seen about 1 1/2 movies total, yet somehow she knows ALL the princesses. How is this possible? Those 3 years olds have some serious princess gossip going on.
Such fun to experience the wonder through these little friends' eyes.

The return of family Flying Squirrel pizza night.
We love our neighborhood spot. Pizza, beer and my babes. A perfect Friday night ritual.

A permanent fixture.
The other week Madeleine was just not herself and as it turns out had a little ear infection. Girlfriend was a permanent fixture on my hip. If I wasn't at work, she was there. And while it can certainly make daily household chores challenging doing things one handed...I love the weight of her body in my arms.
It's like my body was made to have her fit right there.
We celebrated this year in beautiful Oak Harbor with Nick's family. The weather was amazing, and we enjoyed numerous walks around the neighborhood and by the water (okay...some of those walks were to try and get Madeleine to nap in the Ergo, but the lovely weather made it all that much better.) I've said it before, but I just adore the liveliness that a large family brings with it.  Siblings everywhere, (not to mention the extra hands), a mix of personalities, laughter, coziness...I love everything about gathering together. Especially during the holidays.
We have so very much to be thankful for.

 Rick pouring up his signature drink...the Kir Royale.


Starting the day off right with crepes and hot cocoa.  

The night always ends with a pile of aunties and uncles on couches and the floor, blankets, pillows and a viewing of Christmas Vacation. This year, Rick wanted to recreate the lighting ceremony. And yes, I was instructed to lead us in singing Joy to the World.
And yes...I loved it.
The aftermath.
Food comas. Sleepy. Happy.
We are ready for you December...here we come! 

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