Sunday, December 15, 2013

Visiting the big guy.

3 1/2 years into this parenting bit, I've learned a thing or two.
One of those things is...Santa visits happen on a week day.
Monday this year. A day off from work, no crowds, 10 minute wait time, lunch with Nicholas, coffee with a girlfriend, naps in the afternoon...
A think Santa Monday's might have to become an official tradition.

It was still bitter cold in Seattle the week we went and I just love this pic of my girl snuggled on her daddy under the heat lamps while we waited.

Charlotte was all about Santa this year it seemed. Not nervous, ready to tell him all her hopes for surprises on Christmas morning. When we got in the little hut to see him though she froze.
Didn't want to get anywhere near him.
So we all just continued chattin' it up with Santa while we inched closer and closer to the big guy...and like any good parent would do, when we got close enough we just tossed them both on his lap and ran.
This years picture is hilarious to me because while Charlotte looks incredibly happy...I think it was one split second of nervous laughter that the photographer was able to capture. Immediately after the click of the camera was done, the screaming started.
And Miss Madeleine of course wanted nothing to do with him from the get go. She much prefers her mama these days.
Lunching after regaining our composure.

Oh to be three!

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