Thursday, February 6, 2014's February...

...which means it's no longer January.
Not exactly sure how that happened??
I always kind of dread January, while at the same time look forward to it. Give and take.
The holiday let down can sometimes be a bit of a downer, but this year I was ready to move forward.
Ready to start fresh. Attempt to simplify (notice I wrote attempt). New goals. New year.
So while we were busy living life, I didn't do my best at documenting that life in this little corner of the interwebs. It was a nice break, but I do so love this diary of ours.
And so, our January:
-we parked
-we snuggled
-we showered baby cousins
-we played with Teta
-we got in a car accident (yes it was my fault. yes everyone is fine. yes I feel like an idiot)
-we daytime movied it up
-we busted out some tunes
-we jumped like monkeys
-we laughed at sister
-we cheered on the Seahawks!
-we fell asleep while dining
-we most definitely didn't fall asleep while dining and instead celebrated and ate WAY too many dumplings
-we ran in the rain
-we played with uncles
-we played with legos
-we read with Grammie
-we experienced the aquarium
-we experienced our first (and hopefully not last!) Beers of the World party
-we bathed (thank goodness for that right?!)
-we zoo'd it up with PEPster friends
-we had Field Trip dates with daddy
-we cheered on the Hawks some more...all the way to the SUPER BOWL BABY!!
-we watched some boot legged 'Frozen'
-we ran out of oil heat
-we got some more oil heat
-we got pre-school pictures back in disbelief that our girl is getting so big!
-we cleansed
-we ran some more
-we strollers, in mommy and daddy's bed, in cars

-we celebrated birthdays
-we Fan Fested for the Mariners
-we prepared for Madeleine's baptism and jumped for joy in learning that my dad's baptism gown fits her
-we (ehem, I) felt very sad at the prospect that my beloved blankie's days may be numbered
-we were the participants of a Charlotte photo shoot
-we laughed, and laughed and laughed some more. 

It was a good month. A great start to our year.
{minus that whole car issue...}
Welcome February!

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MK said...

What a great recap!