Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tiny dancer.

A few weeks ago it was "Watch Week".
And while I realize that name sounds a bit...creepy? It was anything but.
"Watch Week" is the week the parents get to watch their tiny dancers do their thing.
Normally, there are only quick glimpses into the hour they spend each week twirling and passé kicking and first positioning.
Strained eyes peer through the sheer curtains on the dance floor doors at an attempt to watch little girls growing, and blooming and dancing. But the doors close, and as much as I want to...I don't want to be that mom who stands peering the entire class.
And so I back away.
Aaaaaaand if I'm honest, go run a few errands during that hour sometimes...
But "Watch Week" is something else.
Since they are still too little to have an official recital, THIS is their recital. A showcase of all they have learned.
And it really was something else. The way these teachers get these littles' attention and focus is admirable to say the least.
Each of these tiny dancers was so proud to show of what they had learned to their parents.
Who knows if ballet or dancing is something that will stick with Charlotte long term...but right now, she is loving it. And watching her might be one of my favorite things in the world.


Feeling a bit nervous...

Perhaps my favorite picture of the day. She was mesmerized by everything her teacher had to say...

Dance your heart out baby. Always and always.